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No 21 Q1 2022

Employment, economic development, and productivity

Regional and national employment measures may be economic indicators (Hensvik, Le Barbanchon, & Rathelot, 2021).  Hensvik et al. (2021) measure how the health pandemic affected employment markets with an analysis of posted vacancies.  Trommer, Schaeper, and Fabian (2021) explore complexity and novelty in different types of work.  Brautzsch and Holtemöller (2021) examine how international trade barriers effect regional employment.

Growth of information communication technologies may signal regional economic development (Karaman Aksentijević, Ježić, & Zaninović, 2021).  Karaman Aksentijević et al. (2021) explore the relationship between information communication technology and macroeconomic development.  Zhang, Lu, Tao, and Wang (2021) provide a time series analysis of the relationship between search engine prevalence and returns for cryptocurrency.  Camera and Gioffré (2021) provide an assessment of the effects of the restrictions on economic and social activities put in place during the health pandemic.

Measures of productivity and growth in economic development may be represented in employment indicators (Caleiro, 2021).  Caleiro (2021) examine the unemployment rate during the health pandemic as an indicator of consumer confidence.  Ziesemer (2021) presents economic models for research and development productivity measurement in domestic and foreign investments.  Al-Dalahmeh, Sarihasan, and Dajnoki (2021)study occupational status based on the demographics of educational attainment and gender of immigrants.





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Technology measures for economic growth

Recent research evaluates indicators for measuring economic growth (Erena, Kalko, & Debele, 2021).  Erena et al. (2021) explain the importance of the manufacturing sector to the economic growth of economies.  Erena et al. (2021) measure technical and productivity indicators for manufacturing sectors as a measure of economic growth.  Saeed (2021) explores relationships between natural resource dependencies and economic growth.

Technology research may provide tools for organizational and individual recovery in the pandemic (Tao et al., 2022; Thi Viet Nguyen, Nguyen, Ho, Thi Nguyen, & Van Nguyen, 2021).  Thi Viet Nguyen et al. (2021) examine capital structures of firms to determine relationships on market share and competitiveness.  Tao et al. (2022) make recommendations to improve public health during the pandemic by promoting physical activity. Khan (2021) evaluates the performance of companies after the health pandemic.

Technology research may support research in a number of areas (Cn & Singh, 2021; Zachariah et al., 2016).  Cn and Singh (2021) explore the fixed point theorem and in measuring partial metric spaces.  Zachariah et al. (2016) evaluate courses designed for operational research, influence policy, and influence practice.  Schnitzler et al. (2021) explore the impact to society in a number of areas throughout the health pandemic.



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Evaluations of participation labour economies in economic development programs

Studies in the effects of the health pandemic on labour economies introduce new models for evaluating labour economic growth (Camera & Gioffré, 2021).  Camera and Gioffré (2021) study the economy, herd immunity, and the impact of lockdowns during the health pandemic.  Hensvik, Le Barbanchon, and Rathelot (2021) study the influx of vaccines per country and the increase of job searches in the labour market.

Assessments of participation and entrepreneurship may identify techniques for supporting economic development programs (Holcombe, 2021; Yismaw, 2021).  Yismaw (2021) evaluate participation in community development programs.  Oli and Xie (2021) conduct a time-series analysis of relationships between domestic savings, investment, and economic growth.  Holcombe (2021) explores how institutions may promote entrepreneurial behaviors.  Caleiro (2021) suggests implementing measures of unemployment for assessing consumer confidence.  Pan and Khandrika (2021) suggest credit valuation adjustment models for new accounting standards required of financial institutions.  Tekletsadik, Kedir, and Amare (2021) analyze agricultural value chains for marketing costs and margins from farmers to consumers.

Improvements to municipal and regional information systems may assist negotiation in taxation and tariffs (Belayhun, 2021; Brautzsch & Holtemöller, 2021).  Belayhun (2021) examine property registration systems to increase the collection of property tax.  Brautzsch and Holtemöller (2021) explore the implementation of tariffs in regional trade agreements.





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International trade agreements and industrialization

International trade agreements may be effective for industrialization and economic growth (Vijayasri, 2013).  Vijayasri (2013) compare advantages and disadvantages of domestic and international strategies for industrialization.  Kurihara (2011) develops a model for evaluating the promotion of international trade through international trade agreements. Shafiei (2014) compares international trade by region and its relationship with economic growth.

Sustainability standards may be a component to improving value chains in economic development (Bronckers & Gruni, 2021; Hatzigeorgiou & Lodefalk, 2021).  Hatzigeorgiou and Lodefalk (2021) describe the importance of restoring investment and value chains to support post-pandemic economic development.  Bronckers and Gruni (2021) suggest recommendations for sustainability standards in free trade agreements.

Evaluations of sustainability may support strategies for improving national business growth (Shao, 2021).  Shao (2021) explains the capabilities of international law in benefiting the public and investment arbitration system in environmental and human rights disputes.  Downing and Gracia (2021) compare the demographics of small and medium enterprises in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Xu (2021) discovered consumer preferences in ecological and food safety awareness of organic labels.  Hatzigeorgiou and Lodefalk (2021) explore how immigration affects trade, employment, and foreign investment.  Yeo and Deng (2019) compare regional organizations for economic development and trade.





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Technology and science in indices for economic growth

Recent studies have uncovered relationships between economic growth and other components (Ha, 2020).  Ha (2020) discusses problems banking systems face with credit risk and explains relationships between economic and banking sector growth.  Sachs and Schleer (2019) explore interdependent components which may influence hindrances to economic growth in industrialized countries related to employment.  Toader, Firtescu, Roman, and Anton (2018) examine the impact of information and communication technologies to influence economic growth in industrialized countries.

Rynbrandt (2016) provides an innovative perspective on the cause of astrophysical inflation as a result of forces of ultra-magnetic black holes, volume, and space.  Akoto (2019) explains the relationship between interest rates and the rate of inflation.  Bhunia (2016) suggests high interest rates can spur inflation by increasing saving and reducing business spending.  Ponzoni and Zilli (2015) explore relationships between unemployment and inflation.  Dash, Pattnaik, and Pattnaik (2014) develop an inventory model for reducing inventory costs considering price, demand, shortages, and the rate of deterioration.

Algorithms such as autoregressive integrated moving algorithms may provide tools for evaluating economic indicators (Otu, A, Jude, Ifeyinwa, & I, 2014).  Dritsaki and Petrakis (2017) provide an algorithm for forecasting inflation based on stochastic modeling.  Otu et al. (2014) similarly develop forecasting models for predicting inflation with autoregressive integrated moving averages.





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